writing a book

F3.2 | 1/2 sec. | 95mm

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  1. This is gorgeous. The yellow / orange cast really gives it an old, lit-by-candlelight feeling. The curly text is beautiful, and I also like the frame.


  2. Thanks for comment. The “lit-by-candlelight feeling” is no fortuity because it was actually lit by six tealights 🙂


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  4. Hi Thomas. i am a marketing manager for an Australian winery named Aramis. We are currently re-doing our website and I am looking for a beautiful image to illustrate the ‘Our Story’ section. As our brand is named after Dumas’ musketeer, I am trying to highlight the story-writing aspect of it all. I wondered whether you would allow me to use this stunning picture? The manuscript and pen are perfect, and the hint of a red feather in the background could just be from a musketeer’s hat….

    Please let me know! Many many thanks, in admiration,



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